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  • Happy 2014!

    Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fun evening to celebrate the arrival of 2014. 2013 had many things to celebrate, but I found the year to be overwhelmed by sadness, illness, stress, and loss. I am very much looking forward to moving past 2013 and what this new year will bring.  Are…

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  • The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013

    I participated in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap again this year (my posts for: 2012 & 2011). It's so fun to bake, wrap, and send off cookies to 3 people all over the country. This year my cookies went to High Heels to Hot Wheels, Being Cheap is Easy, and Wright Kitchen. Want to…

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  • Happy Thanksgivingukkah!

    Today, for the first time in many years (1861, had Thanksgiving been an official holiday then), and the last time for quite a few years more (in 79811), Thanksgiving and Chanukah (started last night at sundown, making today the first day) are colliding into a super festive holiday that has been dubbed Thanksgivingukkah. via Light…

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  • Pie Chart of Pies

    With pie being the 'official' dessert of Thanksgiving, I couldn't resist sharing this pie chart from modern farmer of pies in honor of the upcoming holiday. via

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  • Whipped Maple Cream Cheese

    Bruegger's (a bagel shop chain), once 2 years ago had maple cream cheese in their shop and it was amazing, and I was a little obsessed with it. And now they don't have it anymore. So I had to make my own (which, considering how delicious and easy to make it is, this could be…

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